Examples of applications with oil-free CO2 compressors:

  • In the beverage industry for CO2 enrichment
  • In breweries
  • Food and pharmaceutical industries as solvents in the supercritical state above 870 psi. For example, to remove caffeine from tea or coffee.
  • As natural refrigerant with a heat pump. Relatively high pressures of more than 100 bar are required for this application.
  • Storing excess electrical energy in the form of natural gas, which is synthetically produced from carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The carbon dioxide can come, for example, from a biogas upgrading plant and the hydrogen from an electrolysis plant. Thus, the synthetically produced methane can be stored in the natural gas network.

Thanks to their oil-free, dry-running and gas-tight design, HAUG compressors are ideal for many CO2 applications.

  • no gas contamination by oil
  • technically tight, in operation and at standstill

Please download the HAUG company profile and specific compressor data sheets for more information.

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HAUG.Sirius CO2 Compressor
HAUG.Sirius CO2 Compressor
HAUG.Sirius CO2 Compressor
HAUG.Sirius CO2 Compressor