Nitrogen is a very popular gas because it is cheap to produce and extremely inert. Nitrogen is used in industry as a protective gas.

Nitrogen is used in the pharmaceutical industry for the coating of tablets. Under protective gas atmosphere consisting of nitrogen with solvent, the tablets are coated in a closed process in a spray process. The spraying takes place via nozzles. These compressors are required, which compress the gas mixture to the nozzle form.

Nitrogen compressors are used in industry, where the existing nitrogen pressure is insufficient, for example, for use in laser cutting or for cleaning process filters with product gas in countercurrent process.

If gas purity and process safety are important, HAUG compressors offer the best possible conditions due to their oil-free, dry-running and gas-tight design.

  • no gas contamination by oil
  • technically tight, in operation and at standstill

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Sirius N2
HAUG.Sirius N2 Compressor 
sirius n2
  HAUG.Sirius N2 Compressor