Helium is a rare and expensive gas so it is worthwhile to recover and reuse helium after use. Helium gas reclamation is used in leak testing, for hardening processes in the metal industry, cryogenic technology, industrial process gas and in numerous research applications in industry.

The helium is collected at the highest possible pressure in a container and then compressed by a compressor to the desired storage pressure. The systems run in a closed circuit. Only used helium must be supplied. This saves a large part of the expensive helium.

Important in gas recovery are the gas tightness of the process and the gas purity. Soiling caused by gas leakage into the environment falsifies the measurements during the leak test. In helium heat treatment, impurities in helium are the cause of defects and quality reductions in the heat treatment process.

Thanks to their oil-free, dry-running and gas-tight design, HAUG reciprocating compressors are ideal for inert gas applications.

  • no gas contamination by oil
  • technically tight, in operation and at standstill
  • flexible with regard to variable suction and discharge pressure

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HAUG.Sirius Compressor
HAUG.Sirius Compressor
HAUG.Sirius Compressor
HAUG.Sirius Compressor