For certain processes with refrigerant gases, there are great advantages when compressing with oil-free compressors. Especially for new refrigerants based on gas mixtures with hydrocarbons, the demands on the refrigerant compressors have risen massively. In addition to oil-free compression, there are also high requirements for gas tightness.

Fields of application:

  • Compression of ammonia
  • Densification or recovery of R410 and mixed gases thereof
  • Recovery of refrigerant gas during maintenance of cooling and process equipment (eg R134a)

HAUG reciprocating compressors have the best prerequisites for refrigerant gas applications thanks to their oil-free, dry-running and gastight construction.

  • no gas contamination by oil
  • technically tight, in operation and at standstill
  • flexible concerning variable suction and discharge pressure

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HAUG.Sirius C3F8 Compressor
HAUG.Sirius C3F8 Compressor
HAUG.Sirius C3F8 Compressor
HAUG.Sirius C3F8 Compressor