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Summer Air Compressor Maintenance

Posted on June 28, 2022 by Crystal Wilson

Temperatures are rising! The heat and humidity of summer can pose a severe threat to the equipment in your facility, and the air compressor is no exception. Protecting your air compressor is essential since the heat can dramatically affect its performance and jeopardize your operations. Sauer Compressors USA is committed to keeping you informed about how to care for your air compressor system and maintain it during the hot summer days.

Use these tips to preserve the integrity of your compressed air system and help you ensure it operates safely and efficiently in the heat.

  1. Review your Installation site. If your compressor is in an enclosed room, ensure proper ventilation or cooling. An enclosed room without ventilation can lead to overheating and costly downtime.
  2. Check and test all condensate drains throughout your system for proper operation. Condensate is common in air compressors, and more condensate is created in the summer due to the high humidity. Confirm that all drain valves operate correctly and close all the way. Their job is to remove the condensate from your system.
  3. Change your Filters. Your system must work harder when the filters are blocked, making it run even hotter. Make sure you change the filters at the beginning of summer and check them regularly.
  4. Check Your Oil Water Separator(s). Make sure they are operating and draining correctly.
  5. Check your fluid levels often. High temperatures will shorten the life of the oil in your system and cause residue to build up in the internal oil passages. Your system will operate more efficiently if you change the oil before the heat of summer starts.
  6. Have your system properly maintained. Regular service and routine maintenance are essential requirements for an efficient compressed air system. This is valid year-round, but summer weather can cause unforeseen issues.

If you have any questions about the maintenance of your Sauer Compressor, contact our service team at 410-604-3142 or [email protected]. Please include your serial number and compressor hours.