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Five Unique Rental Applications in 2023

Posted on February 15, 2024 by Crystal Wilson

Air and gas compressors are used in a vast range of industrial applications. However, in industries that don’t seem to have much in common, one common thread is the need for compressed air or gas. Compressed air or gas in each application varies greatly but is a vital part of their production and ability to function.

With proper air compressor systems in place, service capabilities provide much more efficient operation times and cost savings across your business. Compressed air is critical for most industrial processes, and temporary requirements for compressed air can come up anytime. When this need occurs, fast action and the highest levels of responsiveness and reliability are essential.

The Sauer Compressor rental units provided the best solution for many unique applications in 2023.

Power Industry – Grade E breathing air for nuclear power plant

In a nuclear power plant, Grade E compressed air is typically used for various safety and operational purposes such as control systems, equipment operation, and safety systems. For this rental application, we shipped a Hurricane Series Commercial HPAC Compressor package to be used for breathing air in a nuclear power plant in Georgia.

Power Generation – Emergency starting air for on-site backup Generators

Emergency starting air is essential for on-site backup generators to ensure they can start up reliably in the event of a power outage or emergency situation. This is a very common application for Sauer USA Rentals because compressors play a crucial role in providing this emergency starting air. One of the largest power companies in the Southeast relies on Sauer USA rentals for their emergency starting air when bad weather is expected to hit the region. We offer multiple compressor packages for this application based on individual flow and pressure needs.

Military/Naval – Windy Tunnel Testing

Compressors play a crucial role in generating the airflow necessary to simulate different wind conditions in wind tunnel testing. Compressors are used for airflow generation, adjustable airflow, maintaining constant conditions, and calibration and verification.  An Aeroscience research and development company based in the Northeast reached out to Sauer USA rentals for a compressor package that could provide high-pressure air up to 5,000 psi to assist them in solving a critical and challenging problem for the US Defense Department.

R&D – Rocket Lauch support system with specialty gas

Compressors play an essential role in rocket launch support systems that involve specialty gases.  These gases, such as liquid hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, etc., are essential for various functions within the rocket launch process, including propulsion, pressurization, purging, and cooling. Sauer Compressors were used in this support system to pressurize propellent tanks to ensure proper flow rates and prevent collapse as the propellants are consumed. The compressors help maintain the desired pressure levels in these tanks.

Manufacturing – Manufacturing of plastics

Compressors play a key role in plastic manufacturing by providing the necessary compressed air and gas for various processes.  Those processes include injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, thermoforming, instrumentation, and control.  In 2023, Sauer USA Rental compressors were mainly used in blow molding processes, where the compressors provide compressed air to inflate molten plastic material inside a mold cavity.  This creates hollow plastic parts, such as bottles or containers.

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