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Update from our After Sales Team

Posted on January 28, 2021 by Crystal Wilson

Sauer Compressors USA has updated the way we offer and stock maintenance kits. Moving forward, mandatory and full maintenance kits will no longer be available. We are now offering only one kit per maintenance interval. This updated offering will allow us to streamline quotations to the customers and stock more kits in our warehouse.

In addition, the lower-end overhaul on most Passat and all Hurricane series has been extended from 12,000 hours to 16,000 hours (air and Nitrogen only).

These new offerings provide the customer added value and increased reliability. All genuine Sauer spare parts ensure optimum operation and performance. Each order of parts includes a Sauer Certificate of Conformity and Authenticity.

For more information, please contact our parts team at [email protected] or 410-604-3142.