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Sauer USA Rentals for Wind Tunnel Aerospace Applications

Posted at 10:17 am on August 16, 2023 by Crystal Wilson

Air compressors play a crucial role in wind tunnel aerospace applications by providing the necessary airflow at controlled pressures to simulate aerodynamic conditions experienced by aircraft and other aerospace vehicles. Wind tunnels are essential tools for testing and refining the designs of aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, and other objects that need to move through the air. […]

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Case Study: Supplying an emergency rental to one of the nation’s largest energy providers. Initial contact to delivery over 1,000 miles away in less than 48 hours!

Posted at 10:51 am on July 26, 2023 by Crystal Wilson

As the weather warms up, the potential for summer storms increases. Widespread outages along the East and Gulf Coast remain high in the warmer months. Recently a large storm was coming up the Florida coastline, and Duke Energy, one of the nation’s largest energy providers, started preparing for potential outages. They needed back-up starting air […]

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The Importance of Contingency Planning

Posted at 12:12 pm on June 21, 2023 by Crystal Wilson

A contingency plan is a proactive strategy developed in organizations to prepare for and address potential future events or circumstances that may disrupt regular operations or lead to emergencies. It involves anticipating various scenarios and outlining predetermined actions to mitigate risks, minimize damages, and ensure continuity of operations. Contingency plans typically include a set of steps, […]

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Rental Start-Up Support

Posted at 9:53 am on March 21, 2023 by Crystal Wilson

Rental Start-Up Support: Providing peace of mind while discovering what makes Sauer USA Rentals so reliable – all while learning basic operation and troubleshooting training. When you need a compressor for your project, renting has its advantages. Sauer USA Rentals offers 24/7 support and increased flexibility without extra commitments. Whether your job requires a dryer […]

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Helium Booster

Specialty Gas Rentals: Introducing High Pressure Helium Boosters

Posted at 9:16 am on February 27, 2023 by Crystal Wilson

The WP4351 He Booster is a 4-stage, 4-cylinder air-cooled booster designed specifically for boosting Helium gas up to 3,000 psi. Sauer helium compressors are specially designed for helium compression and represent the most efficient and safe solution for all kinds of applications. So it is no surprise that leading research institutes and universities only trust […]

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Top 5 Applications for Sauer USA Rental Compressors in 2022

Posted at 9:38 am on February 1, 2023 by Crystal Wilson

Air and gas compressors are used in a vast range of industrial applications. However, in industries that don’t seem to have much in common, one common thread is the need for compressed air or gas. Compressed air or gas in each application varies greatly but is a vital part of their production and ability to […]

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Compressors for Pressure Testing

Posted at 8:57 am on September 28, 2022 by Crystal Wilson

Pressure testing is the process of using air or gas to determine if a product can safely withstand the pressures required under normal usage. All products used under a certain pressure must undergo initial testing at pressure many times greater than required. Although water was previously used to carry out pressure checks, an improved procedure […]

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Mechanical Processes for Descaling of Steel

Posted at 2:57 pm on August 4, 2022 by Crystal Wilson

Descaling is a metal cleaning process that removes unwanted surface deposits (scales) on metals to provide a smooth surface finish and is a part of the pre-finishing processes. Scales can be removed by mechanical descaling or chemical descaling. In the past, chemical descaling was considered to be more effective than mechanical descaling. However, new shot […]

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Sauer Rentals Used in Blow Molding Applications

Posted at 10:33 am on May 19, 2022 by Crystal Wilson

Stretch blow molding is a process used for producing PET bottles commonly used for water, juice, and a variety of other related products. Stretch blow molding has been used since the early 1970s and has grown in existence with the primary use for making carbonated beverage bottles. In this process, a preform is loaded into […]

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