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Sauer USA Provides Complete Solution for Natural Gas

Posted on May 23, 2023 by Crystal Wilson

Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) are considered an alternative fuel option that offers certain advantages in terms of lower emissions and potentially lower fuel costs. The US, in particular, is experiencing an ongoing movement to promote the move to natural gas as an alternative to petroleum fuels in the transportation market. The US currently has more than 1,500 CNG stations in operation and over 175,000 natural gas vehicles on the road today. The number of vehicles is increasing significantly, as are the fueling stations needed to fuel them. Fleet operators, such as transit agencies, waste management companies, and delivery services, have primarily driven the adoption of natural gas vehicles in the United States. These organizations often benefit from the lower fuel costs and reduced emissions NGVs offer.

Sauer USA sees the potential for growth in the booming industry and has partnered up with various leaders in CNG. We can provide not only the latest in technology but a truly customized solution regardless of the standard or requirement.

Past projects have included offerings ranging from a bare compressor block to a turn-key package fully customizable to our partners’ needs. Specifically, our Hurricane series of high-pressure compressors has remained the proven solution for CNG fill stations. Much of the production is handled in-house at our Stevensville, MD, USA headquarters. The complete compressor package is then shipped to our partner and packaged with their filling station prior to installation with the end user.

Our CNG packages are designed to allow for a true “plug-and-play” installation out in the field; however, our technicians are available around the clock to provide onsite start-up and maintenance assistance.

Download the Natural Gas brochure here. 

Natural Gas Vehicle Filling Station

Image: NGV fueling station for mid-sized fleets built around Sauer’s world-class compressors. This package was introduced to the market by one of Sauer USA’s leading partners in Natural Gas.