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Sauer USA Rentals for Wind Tunnel Aerospace Applications

Posted on August 16, 2023 by Crystal Wilson

Air compressors play a crucial role in wind tunnel aerospace applications by providing the necessary airflow at controlled pressures to simulate aerodynamic conditions experienced by aircraft and other aerospace vehicles. Wind tunnels are essential tools for testing and refining the designs of aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, and other objects that need to move through the air.

Wind tunnels require consistent and controlled airflow to simulate various aerodynamic conditions. Air compressors are used to generate this airflow by pressurizing and forcing air into the wind tunnel’s test section. The compressed air is then directed over the model being tested to simulate real-world aerodynamic forces and effects.

Sauer USA Rentals was contacted by a leading research, development, testing, and systems integrations company that needed a compressor system to generate air to pressures of 3000-5000 psig with outlet pressures around 70-76 scfm for an R&D project. A containerized solution would work best for them as they could put the system outside.

The Sauer USA Rental team went to work and immediately supplied a Hurricane Series WP4351 HPAC system in a weather-resistant container ready to ship the same day.  The HPAC container includes a demister and desiccant drying capabilities to 70°F, receiver, and controller (images below). The HPAC system allows the wind tunnel operator to control the airspeed within the tunnel. One of the critical requirements in wind tunnel testing is maintaining a steady and uniform airflow. The HPAC system helps achieve this by providing a constant and controlled air supply, reducing turbulence and fluctuations that could affect test results.

Consider Sauer USA Rentals if you need an air compressor system for a short-term project or an unexpected emergency. We offer a diverse rental fleet of basic units and fully containerized solutions designed for 24/7 continuous duty operation.