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Specialty Gas Rentals: Introducing High Pressure Helium Boosters

Posted on February 27, 2023 by Crystal Wilson

The WP4351 He Booster is a 4-stage, 4-cylinder air-cooled booster designed specifically for boosting Helium gas up to 3,000 psi. Sauer helium compressors are specially designed for helium compression and represent the most efficient and safe solution for all kinds of applications. So it is no surprise that leading research institutes and universities only trust Sauer helium compressors.

Unique Sauer Advantages


Sauer Helium Compressors have a leakage rate of < 0.001 psi

  • Gas-tight crankcase with double lip seal at the crankshaft
  • Special helium-suitable sealings and gaskets
  • Gas-tight hoses
  • Intake buffer tank and condensate collecting vessel
  • Gas-tight oil lock to the crankcase
  • Vacuum flanges acc. to ISO 2861 at the gas inlet
  • Encapsulated safety valves
  • Gas recirculation back to the suction side by a common piping


Sauer Helium Compressors are designed for continuous operation.

  • Valves with modified stroke and spring suspension
  • Helium optimized lubrication
  • Efficient cooling, especially around the highly stressed valves

Test procedure

Sauer Helium Compressors are tested under operation conditions on a special helium test bench.

  • 16 hours running & performance test at final pressure with helium
  • Tightness check and measurement of the leakage rate with helium
  • 3.1 Inspection Certificate of Performance Data & Leakage Rate
  • Delivered filled with helium to avoid purge losses

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Helium Booster