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Are Lead Time Constraints Negatively Affecting Your Bottom Line?

Posted on January 25, 2022 by Crystal Wilson

All around the globe, shipping constraints are creating higher lead times, which impacts your productivity, risk level, and profitability. While the unique circumstances surrounding COVID-19 won’t last forever, shipping constraints happen in any environment. Given the scale of current constraints, businesses are recognizing the need for more intense and purpose-driven strategies to mitigate shipping woes.

According to the latest data, lead time input from manufacturers has increased by over 200 percent across China, the United States, and Europe. Shipping constraints, supply chain frictions, and local disruptions have contributed to the current lead time woes. And, despite a relative downturn in pandemic-impacted shipping, the issue of increased lead time continues to threaten End Users and distributors — and the problem isn’t “going away” anytime soon. To put it simply, short lead times result in higher revenue, better vendor relationships, lowered storage costs and increased customer satisfaction. Conversely, high lead times shrink revenue, negatively impact relationships, skyrocket storage, insurance costs, and frustrate customers.

If you find yourself in a situation where lead time constraints impact your bottom line, consider Sauer rentals. Can’t get your equipment serviced in time, or are spare parts on backorder? Sauer’s rental department offers a diversified rental fleet, including more than just compressors. We offer a unique fleet of air compressors (diesel or electric), high-pressure hoses, medium and high-pressure refrigeration dryers, oil-free outlet filtration, and more.

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