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Posted on October 20, 2022 by Crystal Wilson

All Sauer Compressors require maintenance to keep your compressor running efficiently and reliably. Each compressor model runs on a unique maintenance schedule that varies by application and run hour intervals. But we make it easy to get the spare part kits you need! There is no wasted time looking for the spare part reference number or accidentally ordering the wrong part. Just tell us the serial number of your Sauer compressor and how many hours it operates per year, and we will do the rest.

The maintenance schedule is included in the compressor documentation when you first receive your compressor. So, keep this in a safe place! But if it’s been misplaced, reach out to the Spare Parts team with your compressor serial number, and they can provide you the schedule for your compressor model and quote based on how many hours your compressor has run.

Did you purchase a Lifetime Warranty for your compressor? If so, make sure you follow the compressor maintenance requirements outlined in the Terms and Conditions, or you risk voiding the warranty.

Contact us today to ensure you are on track with your Sauer Compressor maintenance. Be sure to have your serial number on hand.

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