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Top 5 Applications for Sauer USA Rental Compressors in 2022

Posted on February 1, 2023 by Crystal Wilson

Air and gas compressors are used in a vast range of industrial applications. However, in industries that don’t seem to have much in common, one common thread is the need for compressed air or gas. Compressed air or gas in each application varies greatly but is a vital part of their production and ability to function.

With proper air compressor systems in place, service capabilities provide much more efficient operation times and cost savings across your business. Compressed air is critical for most industrial processes, and temporary requirements for compressed air can come up anytime. When this need occurs, fast action and the highest levels of responsiveness and reliability are essential. The Sauer Compressor rental units provided the best solution for many industrial applications in 2022. The top five applications for Sauer USA rental compressors in 2022 were:

Pressure Testing – Pressure tests are performed to ensure pressure systems’ safety, reliability, and leak tightness. These tests are required before the use of a system or after the repair or alteration of an existing system. Sauer rentals have been used in pressure testing of valves, testing BRK piping and Comp, and pressure testing of vessels.

Manufacturing (Steel & Plastics) – Descaling is a metal cleaning process that removes unwanted surface deposits (scales) on metal to provide a smooth surface finish and is a part of the pre-finishing processes. Sauer rentals are used in the new shot blasting technology, which most forging companies prefer because it does not use harsh solutions.

Much of the consumable world is made with plastic, and that plastic production requires compressed air usage. Whether molding bottles and containers or conveying food trays, compressors are used in many phases of the plastics-making process. Those phases include cooling, thermoforming, molding, and conveying.

Laser Cutting – The air compressor is an integral part of the laser cutting machine system as it should make the laser cutting machine work continuously. Compressors are also crucial for increasing the psi of the air blown onto the cutting area to remove debris from the laser.

Dockside Military Support – A compressed air system is generally required at all active and repair berths. This application utilizes air as a utility. These systems supply air to run the ship during docked maintenance.

Space Exploration (specialty gases) – Space agencies use compressed air for several purposes on the ground and when working in space. Air and gas compressors are vital pieces of equipment for successful space travel. For example, helium plays several critical roles in spacecraft exploration. High-pressure helium is commonly used to pressurize propellant fuel tanks. In addition to helium, we rented compressors to space agencies for nitrogen in 2022.

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